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Procyon Road

The Adventure of Reading. And Learning. And Knowing.

The Orange Mouse
English Puzzle Books
Procyon Road

Read | Learn | Know


Who we are

Procyon Road is made up of a small group of English teachers, who have come together to address some  of the deficits that we see in English education. Each of us has taught in different countries, giving us varied perspectives  on the needs of students of the English language and the challenges which they, and their teachers, face in the classroom. 

To some students, school is fun - lots of new friends and games to play - school is the social scene. To others, school is a daunting experience, fraught with the obligation to learn and pass exams.


Most students simply forget what they had ’studied’, because they crammed information into their minds for the sole purpose of passing those exams.

We are trying to change that: Learning is fun, adventurous and exciting !! And we want students to have fun learning lots of new things and reviewing what they’d already learned ! 

Who we are

What do we do ?

We write supplementary material for teachers and students of the English language to use as revision for their classwork or to supplement what they teach and learn in the classroom or as fun, extracurricular exercises.

For parents and students interested in improving exam results,
The Orange Mouse books are most advantageous, in that they are review material for what students are currently learning in their General English lessons. Examinations are  probably the most important part of a student‘s academic career; so we’ve written TOM books to give students as much  help in understanding the English language as we possibly could, to build their understanding and use of English - this  translates to better exam results.

TOM books also support the building of productive thinking habits:
critical thinking, creative thinking and deductive reasoning.  

These mental skills last much, much, much longer than the exam of any school subject, sothat they may be able to  use English and these productive thinking habits for the rest of their lives ! 

What do we do

Our books - The Orange Mouse and The Orange Mouse (Lite) are written in a format which helps students to develop critical thinking, creative thinking and deductive reasoning tools.

The Orange Mouse (for secondary school students) and The Orange Mouse (Lite) (for primary school students) build  students’ knowledge and application of grammar, expand general knowledge; and, ultimately, build their confidence sothat English becomes far more than just a subject to pass in an exam - it becomes a tool through which to have a conversation.

TOM and TOM (Lite) are vehicles from which students could learn about (or pique their interest in) ------ everything ! These little books include questions about maths, science, history, geography; even astronomy - all in English !!  


Look Inside Our Books

Look inside

Who should use it? 

As supplementary material, TOM books are an accompaniment to the current English curriculum.

The Orange Mouse (Lite) is meant for students from the of age of 9; while The Orange Mouse is aimed at students  throughout high school. The range is wide because, as students’ knowledge grows, the more they’ll be able to answer in the TOM books.  

Through these books, students not only review English grammar, but they also learn to stitch together different pieces of information to derive an answer on any subject. This, in turn, stimulates critical thinking, creative thinking and  deductive reasoning.  

In addition to all the questions being written - reading practice for students - all the questions and answers are also  provided as audio - listening practice - giving students a pronunciation model upon which to base their own pronunciation.   The Orange Mouse and The Orange Mouse (Lite) are intended for use by students learning English  anywhere in the world.

Who is it for
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