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How to order

The Orange Mouse and The Orange Mouse (Lite) are each 50-puzzle books. Each book is comprised of puzzles, puzzle answers and an audio file.  The audio file contains all the questions and answers, giving a strong, neutrally-accented pronunciation model for students to follow. All written answers can be found at the back of each book.      


Schools usually acquire these books for their students to use throughout their English study for that year.    

Schools buy them for students from Grade 4 upward.  

The Orange Mouse (Lite) is intended for primary school students and The Orange Mouse is aimed at secondary school students.

Schools often buy these books in larger quantities (200, 500, 100) since there are often 90 - 100 students in each grade. 

In addition, we also offer a short course to teach students how to use The Orange Mouse, to get the greatest benefit from using these books.

Please contact us for more information about quantity and price. Order directly from Procyon Road

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